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Discover new movies through music with atflick MMDb

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 10, 2013 14:41 CET

VionLabs have created an app that connects film and music. Atflick Movie Music Database is a Spotify-based app where you can find the soundtrack of your favourite films and TV-shows. In addition to this, you will be able to discover new films by searching for your favourite music tracks. Atflick MMDb is the perfect search engine for people with a passion for music and film. Atflick Soundtrack

The main purpose of Atflick Movie Music Database is to discover new music, films, make new friends and to fuse film with music – two vital components of modern pop culture.

Arash Pendari, CEO at VionLabs: “After witnessing the success of amazing apps like Tunigo, which helps users discover music in a simple way, and because we’ve already developed one of the worlds fastest and most flexible film services we’ve now turned our focus to the second screen experience”.

The result of the collaboration with Spotify is as well as other innovative applications created to improve the experience. The idea is that you in simple steps will be able to find music that features in films, and in this way discover both new music and films you like. Whilst watching a film you will be able to get a list of its soundtrack, without ever having to leave the experience.

“We are very happy for the confidence vested in us by Spotify’s app team. We believe that it was a good investment to develop MMDb (Movie Music Database) as a Spotify app.”, Arash Pendari adds. 

VionLabs, the company behind atflick MMDb, have among other things developed a mobile app for film and TV. They have a passion for TV shows, films, music and games. Their vision is to help the entertainment industry and telecom industry adapt to the needs of their digital users. Vionlabs recently won the award “Guldmobilen 2013” in the category Mobile Innovation of the Year – a prestigious award that elects the most innovative mobile company in Sweden.

VionLabs have specialised in the development of VOD services within film, TV and music, and have done so by focusing on the user.

VionLabs is a Swedish tech company with offices in both Stockholm and Barcelona. The company has since 2009 developed digital ecosystems for network operators, cable TV companies, and film distributors with primary focus on user experience. Mobile TV was the first “next generation” product they developed, which they named Social Mobile Cloud. VionLabs work with customers such as Tele2/Conviq, Cyberia, and Warner Bros. to name a few. 

For more information:

Please contact Josephine Charpentier, CCO – atflick + 46 735 000 940


VionLabs is a Swedish Tech Start-up with offices in Stockholm, Hamburg and Barcelona. Since 2009 they have developed digital eco-systems for carriers, cable networks and internet providers – with focus on the user experience.