Story Hotel

”Disillusioned Aristocrat, Daniel Jouseff” Live at Story Hotel.

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 11, 2014 14:03 CEST

On Friday the 15th of August during Stockholm Fashion Week 2014, Daniel Jouseff will create two works, live for Story Art at Story Hotel. Starting at 10:00 am and running until midnight. 

The exhibition is part of a series of lifestyle "A Daniel Jouseff Performance". The events will take place in the autumn of 2014 and aims to illuminate and enrich even the most commercial piece of society. The audience will experience the art, rather than just look at a finished work exhibited collection. 

"A Daniel Jouseff Performance" is distinguished in that the performance is executed in several stages during the event. Jouseff will mingle and converse with guests, and with their influences, the interaction will be reflected in the works. In this way, the audience will get the chance feel part of the works and event, which, incidentally, is filmed by multiple fixed cameras. 

The evening will also offer a taste of Daniel Jouseff's upcoming clothing line for Solo, which premieres in September 2014.