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DnB erbjuder kunderna kostnadsfritt virusskydd från McAfee

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 16, 2011 14:34 CET



More than one million online customers will be offered protection by McAfee

OSLO, NORWAY  - Nov. 16, 2011 - DnB, one of the largest financial groups in the Nordics with more than 2.3 million retail customers and more than 200,000 corporate customers, has chosen McAfee security technology to increase online banking security for more than one million online banking customers. DnB will offer McAfee® Internet Security and McAfee® Mobile Security to all of their Internet banking customers, at no extra cost, beginning in December.  

“Helping our banking clients secure their PCs and mobile devices is very important to us. At DnB, the security of our customers comes first and we are doing everything that we can to make online banking as safe as possible,” said Geir Øiestad, head of Internet Banking at DnB. “We looked at several competitive solutions and we chose McAfee for its best-in-class technology that will give our clients the most comprehensive security solutions for both their PCs and mobile devices.”

The McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Mobile Security products protect users against many different threats such as malware and identity theft. Using McAfee Internet Security, the user can stay safe while surfing the web and using services such as online banking. Consumers want to be able to access information on the go at any time.  Mobile banking provides a great convenience and McAfee Mobile Security provides customers peace of mind that their online transactions are secure and their privacy is protected. McAfee Mobile Security not only safeguards the user against viruses and malware, but also provides protection in the event of loss or theft.  Users can remotely back up their data, lock their device, send an alarm, wipe out the data and even track its location via the online management portal.

“DnB is aiming for the highest standard in our security solutions and it is important for us to work with a company which not only offers the best IT security solutions, but offers instant protection using McAfee’s cloud-based Global Threat Intelligence. We are very pleased to partner with McAfee in our drive to keep our customers and their data, safe online,” continued Geir Øiestad.

According to a recent study by Deutsche Bank, Norway has the highest adoption of online banking in the world, with 77 percent of Norwegians using their computers and mobile devices for banking. At the same time, PCs and mobile phones are exposed to many different and constantly evolving threats and it is very important that users do what they can to protect themselves.  

“By providing a complete, state-of-the-art, IT security solution at no extra cost to its customers, DnB has gone the extra mile and we are very proud that they chose McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Mobile Security for their customers,” said Christopher Bray, senior vice president of consumer, SMB and mobile, McAfee.

About DnB

DnB is Norway’s largest financial services group with total combined assets of NOK 2 076 billion. Apart from over 200 offices and 800 in-store banking outlets in Norway, DnB has two online banks, and, with over 1 million users.  Internationally, DnB  is one of the world’s leading banks for the shipping and energy sectors, and it also has operations in Sweden, the Baltic countries, Poland, Russia and Luxembourg.

Om McAfee, Inc.

McAfee, ett helägt dotterbolag till Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), är världens största helt dedikerade IT-säkerhetsföretag. McAfee åtar sig att lösa även de svåraste säkerhetsutmaningarna globalt. Företaget levererar proaktiva och beprövade lösningar och tjänster som säkrar system, nätverk och mobila enheter världen över, vilket möjliggör för användare att koppla upp sig, surfa och handla säkrare på internet. Med hjälp av sin molnbaserade tjänst McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, som levererar hotdata, så kan McAfee utveckla innovativa produkter som möjliggör för hemanvändare, företag, offentlig sektor och tjänsteleverantörer att säkerställa att de efterlever regler och lagar och att deras information är skyddad, att avbrott förhindras, sårbarheter identifieras, och att deras säkerhet kontinuerligt övervakas och förbättras.