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Dr. Marcel Warntjes, CEO of SyntheticMR, has been granted 400 000 SEK

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 16, 2009 15:19 CEST

Dr. Marcel Warntjes, CEO at SyntheticMR, a subsidiary to Accelerator Nordic AB, has been awarded 400000 SEK for his project concerning tissue characterization of pathology in the brain using quantitative MRI.

The grant will be used to strengthen the research in quantitative and synthetic MRI and will be especially devoted to differentiate pathological tissue from normal tissue in the brain. This will be a great support in the radiologist diagnosis and the results should lead to faster clinical MRI examinations and a comprehensive visualization of absolute tissue parameters.

The aim is to improve the fully automatic segmentation and volume estimation of pathological areas in the brain leading to a measure of the pathology load. Results of this project can be used in the commercial products of SyntheticMR AB.

- The clinical results will of course be published in international journals. Additionally they will be used to support the clinical validation of the visualization software that can be commercially exploited, say Marcel Warntjes, who also is a founder of SyntheticMR AB.

The research will take place at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) at Linköping University (

Four large Swedish research funders have joined forces in the Visualisation research programme in order to stimulate and develop visualisation and imaging in schools, the business community, higher education and the public sector.For more information about the program see

SyntheticMR AB develops proprietary analytical and visualization tools to enable synthetic MRI which helps clinicians to dramatically reduce the time needed for MR-imaging, thereby increasing patient throughput. Synthetic MR synthesizes all possible MRI parameters from a simple general scan, eliminating the current time consuming need to perform multiple scans. Other advantages of synthetic MR are improved performance from current image analysis systems and the possibility to analyze fewer but more precise images.

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