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Drawstring Lamp >>> Kuu Lamp

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 08, 2014 00:08 CET

A year ago, Design Stories launched the Project Merry-Go-Round, with a caterpillar as logo. A symbol of our process, and for the butterfly which we hoped it would develop into. Our work with waste material as a base for line production evolved into Drawstring Lamp. Since then we have strived forward, in highs and lows to implement our vision. In recent months, in collaboration with One Nordic Furniture Company from Finland. Together we have worked to realize an economically, ethically and environmentally sustainable production on a larger scale.

Our lamp is now being launched in One Nordic's collection 2014 under the name Kuu Lamp. Kuu means moon in Finnish and the lamp’s subtle light sifted through sunscreen fabric gives it its poetic light fitting for the name. The base is still waste material and the lamp has become even easier to pack, send and install.

This butterfly just flew right out into the world!

Welcome Kuu Lamp

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