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Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 09, 2014 10:07 CEST

World’s largest computer festival continues long-standing Twitch broadcasting relationship. 
DreamHack today announced they will be continuing their extensive partnership with Twitch, the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers, as the english eSports broadcast platform for all DreamHack events in 2014. DreamHack will also host Twitch’s popular Player Lounges at both DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter 2014. This announcement commemorates a five-year long partnership with Twitch Interactive.

In 2009, DreamHack was one of the first eSports event organizations to partner with Twitch Interactive’s Justin.tv brand, predating the launch of Twitch. At the time, Justin.tv was the official broadcast platform for DreamHack Winter 2009. When Twitch launched as its own platform in 2011, DreamHack continued to use the service. As DreamHack celebrates its 20 year anniversary this upcoming winter, it will mark its five-year milestone of working with Twitch.

“We have been working closely with DreamHack since 2009 and have watched them evolve into one of the competitive gaming industry’s largest attractions,” said Kevin Lin, COO at Twitch. “Even with their massive global audience and premium quality broadcasts, they have managed to maintain an intimate vibe that truly celebrates games and gaming culture. We look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.”

In the last three years DreamHack has experienced exponential growth. Since 2011, DreamHack has had a 300% increase in viewership, with 36 million views and 15,000,000 viewer hours in 2013. In February 2014, DreamHack in partnership with MTG and Monster Energy expanded by building a 600 square meter TV-Studio in Stockholm, Sweden to produce even more eSports content.

According to a survey from DreamHack Winter 2013 with 2,310 answers 85,24% of its festival visitors rate Twitch as their number one streaming service (Youtube, 2nd, 60,17%).

“In 2014 DreamHack will go from 29 broadcast days to 160 broadcast days and the viewership numbers will definitely follow. 

"Twitch is not only facilitating the services needed to broadcast this to a global audience, but are helping us develop DreamHack as a company,” said Robert Ohlén, CEO of DreamHack. 

"As the world’s largest digital festival and one of the world’s leading eSports organisation, DreamHack is on track to become the leading eSports content producer in the world.”

DreamHack’s next event is Dreamhack Summer 2014 14-17 June in Jönköping.

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers where more than 45 million gather every month to broadcast, watch and talk about video games. Twitch’s video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for the entire video game ecosystem. This includes game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, user generated content, and the entire esports scene. In February 2014, Wall Street Journal ranked Twitch as the 4th largest website in terms of peak internet traffic in the U.S. fortifying the brand as an entertainment industry leader and the epicenter of social video for gamers. For more information, visit: www.twitch.tv 


DreamHack is the World's Largest Computer Festival. DreamHack's roots and core is the LAN party, with the major events DreamHack Summer and Winter, where participants bring their own computers and connect to the Internet in a large local area network which basically BECOMES the Internet by sheer scale. DreamHack is also Sweden's first consumer-oriented trade show / event / festival for computer games, game consoles and computers. The events are a platform for tournaments in eSports, knowledge and creative competitions, concerts by famous music artists, lectures by game developers and much more.

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