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DreamHack to host Regional event in Valencia for Mediterranean countries

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 01, 2011 14:10 CEST

DreamHack is proud to announce the first Regional Partner for DreamHack on Tour 2011. Canales Corporativos will host DreamHack Regional Finals in Valencia, Spain the 16th to 17th of September 2011.

DreamHack extends partnership with local partner Canales Corporativos in Spain to host qualifiers in four countries and host a live event in mid-September. During 2010 DreamHack hosted international qualifiers in 17 countries. In 2011 DreamHack will change the formula of the international eSports franchise DreamHack on Tour.
- Canales Corporativos as our first Regional Partner is a perfect match. Their high standards in professionalism and creativity make them in all sense and purpose a Spanish DreamHack, said CEO of DreamHack Robert Ohlen.

3 major changes in DreamHack on Tour 2011
1) One season with one Grand Final at DreamHack Winter 2011
2) Main games – Counter-Strike,Street Fighter and StarCraft II with a combined prize purse of 700 000 SEK in the Grand Finals.
3) Regional Partners instead of National Partners. Online qualifications in more countries, one live event “Regional Finals” in each region – and one regional delegation sent to the Grand Final at DreamHack Winter 2011.

Spain will join as the first Regional partner in 2011. Canales Corporativos will host DreamHack qualifiers in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. Best teams and players will qualify for the Regional Finals to be played in Valencia 16-17 September.
- For us it’s an honour, a pleasure, to have the opportunity to work again with DreamHack. This time our enthusiasm has grown along with our duties and we are ready to bring the real DreamHack experience to all Mediterranean Countries, said Arturo Castello, CEO of Canales Corporativos.

Canales Corporativos will once again host the event in Veles e Vents in direct connection to the Valencia Street Formula1 Circuit and the 33rd America’s Cup harbour. Regional Finals will not only be a Spanish celebration of games and digital culture but also a regional event open for Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian gamers.
- Veles e Vents is a perfect event location, between the beach and the city centre. The city of Valencia has already a reputation to be a great hosting city for international conferences and high-profile sports events, said CEO of DreamHack Robert Ohlen.

Regional Finals
Location:  Veles e Vents, Valencia, Spain
16-17 September
Spain, Portugal, Italy, France
Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II, Super Street Fighter IV
Tournament slots:
8 spots in each game
Prizes in Regional Finals:
Winners qualifies for the Grand Final at DreamHack Winter 2011 including auto berth to main tournament, accommodation and travel paid from the point of qualifier to Jönköping, Sweden.

Additional information will be released at the official webpage www.dreamhack.es that will replace the earlier www.dreamhackspain.com.

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DreamHack is the World’s Largest Computer Festival. DreamHack’s roots and core is the LAN party, with the major events DreamHack Summer and Winter, where participants bring their own computers and connect to the Internet in a large local area network which basically BECOMES the Internet by sheer scale. DreamHack is also Sweden’s first consumer-oriented trade show / event / festival for computer games, game consoles and computers. The events are a platform for tournaments in eSports, knowledge and creative competitions, concerts by famous music artists, lectures by game developers and much more.
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About Canales Corporativos
Canales Corporativos a Spain based company specialising in developing strategies that connects the brands with their audience using, and understanding, the new tools available in digital media. Since 2009 Canales Corporativos is working hard to implement videogame concepts into communication strategies, pioneering the use of gamification and transmedia in Spain and developing DreamHack presence in Spain, and now throughout the Mediterranean Countries.
Website: www.canalescorporativos.com