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Easy Wine Glass gets distribution in Wisconsin

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 17, 2013 14:00 CEST

Cefour Wine continues its strategic expansion in midwest USA and have signed an agreement together with Legacy Brands for sales and distribution of Easy Wine Glass in Wisconsin.

Legacy Brands is a new division of Triangle Distributing Company that has been a family owned and operated business since 1949. Triangle Distributing sells over 2 million cases of beer, spirits, sodas and wines. They began Legacy Brands to begin a more focused division of selling and managing their growing wine and craft beer portfolio.

“Our sales personnel definitely liked the prefilled concept and the “special events-team” is eager to push the products”, says Tom Bryfczynski, wine & spirits manager, Legacy Brands.

Easy Wine Glass will keep investing in sales activities and events during the year, and the next exciting opportunity will be the ECRM Global Wine Show in San Diego end of august, where Easy Wine Glass will be presented to national key accounts both in on- & offtrade.

”Cefours strategy to grow from state to state together with our US importer is working as planned, and we are very confident that we are on the right track towards gaining foothold in the market”, says Mikael Bergholts CEO, Cefour Wine & Beverage.

For more information please contact:

Mikael Bergholts, CEO
mikael@cefourwine.com. +46 (0)44-781 66 51

Cefours affärsidé är att producera, sälja och distribuera vin som tappats på attraktiva, praktiska och drickfärdiga engångsglas av återvinningsbar plast. Sedan produktionsstarten 2010 har Cefour utvecklat en avancerad och unik produktionsteknik, där företaget äger hela processen i tillverkningen. Detta innebär att vi själva köper in viner och råmaterial för tillverkning av produkterna – och helt i egen regi – framställer hela förpackningen samt tappar och försluter glasen.