ECCO Sko A/S enters the running market in 2004

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 22, 2003 12:00 CEST

ECCO enters the running market in 2004 with the Receptor RXP running shoe. The new running shoe is based on the unique ReceptorTM technology developed from a strict scientific basis in order to replicate the natural motions of the human barefoot.

In 2001 ECCO entered the sports market with the Receptor by ECCO collection. The collection is the result of a close co-operation with The University of Copen-hagen’s Panum Institute, one of the leading biomechanical specialists facilities in the world. The technology behind ReceptorTM is so unique that a patent has been granted. Receptor by ECCO was first developed for the sports disciplines Fitness Walking, Rugged/Trail Walking and Power Walking. ECCO has further developed the Receptor technology and can now present a high tech running shoe.

“Since we launched Receptor by ECCO back in 2001 it has been a great success sales wise and after only three years ECCO is already a serious participant in the sports industry. So it was natural for us to bring the special Receptor technology to the next level and develop a running shoe,” says Sam Spears, Division Director for ECCO Sport.

The Receptor RXP collection contains three different ranges of running shoes for three different types of runners:
 The serious runner requiring motion control and stability (RXP 3000)
 The long distance runner or the runner getting back into their routine seeking cushioning and stability (RXP 2000)
 The runner requiring a lighter everyday running shoe with motion control and lightweight (RXP 1000).

The RXP running collection will be sold in sports shops and specialty running shops in ECCO’s main markets. The Receptor RXP 3000 will be available in the shops from January/February. From June 2004 the whole running collection will be available.

“The introduction of the Receptor RXP running shoe is a great step forward for ECCO. For many years our markets, retailers and consumers have asked us, when will ECCO enter the running market? Now the time is right because we possess the right technology for running and have a great experience within the sports industry. And I am sure that the new ECCO running shoe collection will be as successful as the other Receptor collections have been” says Sam Spears.

In addition to the Receptor technology, ECCO will make a difference in the running market by the utilisation of polyurethane (PU) technology. Typically the majority of running shoes are made with an EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) midsole. PU is heavier but more supportive than EVA, which is better particularly for heavier runners who have the habit of “crushing” an EVA midsole. For that reason the midsole in the Receptor RXP 2000 is made with ECCO’s PU technology. And from June 2004 PU will be integrated in the heel of Receptor 3000 and 1000, which will give the running shoe a distinctive capability to absorb and displace shock.

The use of PU and the further development of the Receptor technology make ECCO’s Receptor RXP running collection unique and revolutionary.