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Education Finder Sweden launches eLearning business and practice in Nairobi

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 01, 2011 11:43 CET

Eva Kagiri, CEO, assistent Anne Kagiri and Jennifer Kagiri are diaspora Kenyans who are exporting eLearning to Nairobi with their company eCAP East Africa. These three sisters have academicals educations and work experience in Nordic countries and became agents in east Africa for Education Finder Stockholm and Helsinki College.

eCap East Africa are starting up their company with an launching workshop with representatives from Government, Universities, NGOs, FinPro and investors.

The main focus will be to highlight the presence of eCAP East Africa as well as grow the brand in the region, to position the company to the accurate public. eCAP East Africa is the first  ICT company working with "All Inclucive eLearning " in East Africa.

Objectives during  workshop "All Inclucive eLearning "
To increase awareness of the eCAP East Africa presence in Kenya and the rest of the East African Region as well as in Africa
To strengthen understanding of ICTs role in education  and economical growth
To position eCAP East Africa as a positive vital force in e-Learning advancement
Increase positive recognition, enthusiasm and support for eCAP East Africa as a leader in delivery of quality education
Profile the company’s broad investments in education in Africa,
Establish viable working partnerships with businesses and the industry as well as work

eCAP East Africa EducationFinder Workshop

Experience of Methods
1. Co-orporates and Businesses – eLearning for Skills Development; Social media in business
2. NGO’s – Training through eLearning; Using ICT in Development Projects & Capacity Building
3. Learning Institutions – eLearning for Life-long Learning, eInclusion and Capacity Development

In 2000, EducationFinder packaged all it’s learning content online, making it the first institution in the Nordic Countries conducting 100% eLearning.
Since then, EducationFinder has used eLearning to support different educational communities' capacity to innovate and build economic growth.
eLearning model won the Boldic Award in 2008 (
Education Finder has exported our education network for example to Pakistan, Ghana, Somalia, Tanzania, Palestine .
The  Nordic team speaks ten languages as their mother tongue, for example Somali language, Swahili and Urdu, Arabic. In East Africa, MKFC is represented by eCAP East Africa. I

Swedfundgave support for EducatIon Finder export.
Swedfund provides risk capital, expertise and financial support for investment in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as the non-EU countries of Eastern Europe. Together with our Swedish industrial partners, we have invested in more than 220 of their foreign subsidiaries during the 30 years of our existence. Our unique knowledge and experience enable our partners to invest more successfully.