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Efecte Steps in to Help Optimize IT Budgets under Threat

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 16, 2009 15:22 CEST

Efecte Steps in to Help Optimize IT Budgets under Threat
- Introducing the Service Catalogue: the new product that makes cost estimation easy


Efecte Oy, fresh from celebrating its tenth anniversary, introduces a new solution: the Service Catalogue, complementing the ERP for IT solution developed by Efecte. This solution helps CIOs and corporate leaders evaluate, prioritize, and calculate the cost of IT services. The new solution is part of the Efecte 5.0 platform, which brings together Efecte's experience from hundreds of IT projects within the Nordic Countries.

"When the economy is under pressure, the success of IT is judged mainly on cost and profit. At such times, the IT lead needs to make enlightened decisions in close cooperation with the business operations side" says Kristian Jaakkola, CEO of Efecte. "If IT divisions are not able to communicate the reason for their existence, they have no future. Maintaining information technology is not of value in itself. Instead, information technology can play a major role in improving the competitiveness of the organization. Our experience shows that successful companies are more efficient in utilizing information technology in order to strengthen their competitiveness", Jaakkola adds.

"The solution we have now released helps focus IT activities towards areas that are most crucial to business. With this solution information management becomes transparent, which in turn enables it to demonstrate its value to business operations in a concrete way", says Jaakkola.

IT Service Prioritization Brings Cost Savings

With Efecte's Service Catalogue, IT divisions can focus on developing their most important IT services. Cost savings can be attained when non-essential services are discontinued. All information on IT services, their pricing principles, and the resources required is centrally available in the Service Catalogue. The effort to output ratio of an IT service can be estimated, services offered can be prioritized, and service levels can be agreed on jointly with management.

After defining the contents of IT service offering, the services are linked to applicable business processes. In this way, high availability of IT services supporting business processes can be ensured, and costly service downtime minimized. Resources that are freed from delivering non-essential IT services can be used to improve the availability of services that are more significant to the business, improving profitability throughout the organization.

Efecte's ERP for IT software solution has been developed for managing IT operations. The solution helps IT department in communicating with the business, and managing IT resources, processes, and services. Efecte, headquartered in Finland, has offices in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, and partners in Germany. Efecte has 300 customers in the Nordic countries.

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