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​EGLO acquires share majority in Star Trading AB.

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 03, 2020 07:55 CET

The Austrian lighting company EGLO acquires a majority of the shares in Star Trading, one of Sweden’s leading businesses in the decorative lighting industry. EGLO’s main goal with the acquisition is to gain accesses to an established assortment of Christmas lighting adapted for the European market, a line of products not previously featured in their offerings and which has been demanded by the market. Star Trading’s founders, the Johansson family, will remain as partners and continue to be responsible for daily operations. Neither the business orientation nor the organisation will be affected by the agreement. The acquisition does, however, entail that Star Trading gains access to EGLO’s global sales network which will contribute to the company’s continued growth and in due time could lead to more work opportunities in Svenjunga.

  • It feels great to have EGLO as a partner. They are, despite their size, also a family-owned company and we are convinced that the collaboration will bring better conditions to continue to develop. We see the deal as very positive for Star Trading as a company, our employees, and our partners, says Christer Johansson, CEO of Star Trading.

About Star Trading

Star Trading was founded in 1985 in Svenjunga where the company remains today in newly built facilities which were finalised in 2018. The company has approximately 60 employees and reported a turnover of approximately 290 million SEK in 2019. Star Trading delivers Christmas lighting, LED light sources, as well as outdoor and party lights through retailers across the country with exports mainly to the Nordic countries.

About EGLO

EGLO was founded in 1969 in Austria by the Obweiser family and has since grown to a global organisation with representation all over the world. The company supplies consumer lighting and has a turnover of approximately 5 billion SEK with over 4500 employees in 120 countries. EGLO produces almost all kinds of consumer lighting but has until this point not worked with Christmas lighting, which are in demand from many customers. This was the reason they contacted Star Trading during 2019 and a dialogue was initiated which led to this acquisition of the share majority in Star Trading. 

For further information or questions regarding the acquisition contact:

Christer Johansson
Telephone: +46 (0)705-33 14 99

Star Trading AB offers one of the markets widest assortment of electrical christmas and decorational lights for the end consumer. From modern design to traditional wooden & metal christmas lights, christmas stars, outdoor/indoor light systems. In addition to this we also have a wide assortment of LED lightsources, LED Candles and outdoor decorational lightning for both everyday use and party.

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