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El-Björn launch into the UK market

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 13, 2010 09:00 CEST

El-Björn, the leading Swedish manufacturer of Power, Light and Climate Control Systems, have announced their pending launch into the UK market.

With an astounding 70% market share in the Nordic regions, El-Björn have now taken the bold decision to launch their company into not only the UK but Europe generally, despite the challenging economic situation within the construction industry. The companies CEO Mr Lars Owe Kron advised the ERA this week that El-Björn have been sowing seeds for the past few months, presenting to a number of the major construction and rental companies, to understand fully the customer needs and the potential for El-Björn products.

Mr Owe Kron stated, ”It was abundantly clear from customer reaction that there is indeed a huge potential for our business. El-Björn have been operating predominatly in the Nordics since the early 50’s, producing dedicated site equipment, designed by the construction industry, for the construction industry. The result is that El-Björn now have an entire range of Temporary Power Distribution Boards, Site Lighting, Air Cleaners, Dehumidifiers, Heaters and Dryers, that we can now proudly support with an almost unconditional five year guarantee. The only proviso being that we expect our clients to register their products.” 

Mr Owe Kron advised that El-Björn use only premium quality componants from leading manufacturers and therefore their product failure rate is almost non existant, being around 0.1% of El-Björns turnover. 

”Due to both product reliability and service, the leading construction companies in the Nordics generally specify our products” commented Mr Owe Kron ”and this indeed is what we would like to emulate in the UK”.

El-Björn have developed a range of equipment to full UK compliance and product literature is now available in English as is a comprehensive web site, at www.elbjorn.se/en 

”A unique benifit that our website offers our customers is the facility to design and specify their own Power Distribution Boards. Not only does this make selecting a board quick and easy, but it also ensures that clients get exactly what they require. They can then add to, or remove, anything in the future, making this range particularily viable. 

Power boards are generally of a ’Plug and Play’ format which can save considerably on ”on site” hard wiring. Power monitoring and control facilities are available also within the El-Björn range, enabling customers to accurately monitor and control and even recharge power used.

For further details visit www.elbjorn.com or contact:

Mr Mike Dibley, UK Business Development Director El-Björn UK. 

Telephone +44 (0)115 9333310 or Mobile +44(0)7595 473008