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ELTAKO GmbH presents a new and innovative WIRELESS SYSTEM

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 01, 2009 15:09 CEST

ELTAKO GmbH presents a new and innovative WIRELESS SYSTEM

Fellbach (Germany), 30 March 2009

ELTAKO GmbH will present at Elfack 2009 in Göteborg its new and innovative ELTAKO wireless system

Unlimited flexibility and convenience in building services

Batteryless - flexible - maintenance-free - energy-efficient - 868 MHz

The ELTAKO wireless system comprises battery-free wireless switches and wireless receivers such as wireless light switching and dimming actuators for both DIN rail mounting and for the 55mm socket.

The batteryless and therefore maintenance-free switches are based on the technology of the integrated EnOcean modules, which generate their own power supply of approx. 50 μWs when the switch is operated. This transmits ultra short interference-proof signals in the 868 MHz band with a range of up to 100 m in halls and up to 300 m in free-field conditions.

This revolutionary technology reduces the electro smog load since the wireless switches emit high-frequency waves that are 100 times weaker than conventional light switches.

There is also a significant reduction in low-frequency alternating fields since fewer power cables need to be installed in the building.

A receiver (actuator) is wired to a light or any electrical fixture and is controlled by a wireless switch that then operates as normal light switch except it transmits wireless signals at the very moment of operation and it can be screwed directly to the wall, bonded to glass or on furniture, and it can also be screwed conventionally to a socket box.

The system is easy to configure and reconfigure, by turning a switch to the Learn position on the receiver. One switch can control one or multiple lights and multiple switches can control one light.

Wireless, battery-free switches are an excellent alternative to the traditional wired switch as they are designed to last equally long but require no maintenance and no wiring. They are flexible to design the electrical system and put switches wherever you want. Not being tied to wires and power sources, the batteryless switches can also easily be carried in the pocket or car as remote switches.

This not only enhances flexibility, but reduces electrical contractor installation time and costs and facilitates convenient and unrestricted switch location regardless of building construction e.g. log homes, marble or glass entryways, caravans, exhibition stands or prefabricated houses.

Hence, the Eltako wireless system is very suitable for both new houses and for renovation projects.

The Eltako wireless system includes wireless and batteryless sensors such as (wall)switches, remote controls, transmitter modules, wireless window/door contacts, wireless timers and wireless motion/brightness sensors.

The program is completed with a range of actuators, such as universal dimmer switches, 1-10V controllers (also constant light control), staircase off-delay timers, impulse switches and switching actuators for shading elements. Also for central control.


About ELTAKO GmbH:

ELTAKO GmbH is a 60 year old German company that is specialised in manufacturing innovative high quality products for installation in buildings and for use in control technology.

Eltako belongs to the market leaders when it comes to dimmer switches, staircase time switches, mains disconnection relays, multifunction time relays and energy meters.

The name Eltako is an acronym derived from the German "Elektrischer Tast-Kontakt" meaning "electrical push-button contact"

Eltako is at the cutting edge of technology in Europe as far as electronic developments are concerned.

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