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Ementor is engaged in all SKI consultancy frame agreements

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 26, 2004 14:41 CEST

(Denmark) National Procurement Ltd. - Denmark (SKI) has again chosen Ementor. As one of few suppliers, Ementor is engaged in all the three consultancy frame agreements with altogether thirteen sub agreements. When including the already existing agreements, Ementor is engaged in six IT and consultancy frame agreements. Accordingly, Ementor is in a position to solve all types of public digital solutions within the frame agreements. The agreements are expected to promote the possibilities for more intelligent solutions, less risks and improved cooperation processes for Ementor’s public customers. With the new agreements, Ementor can celebrate a 20 years anniversary as a supplier within the SKI frame agreements.
The frame agreements give Ementor’s public customers the possibility of having a dialogue about the future solutions prior to the preparation of requirement specifications and tenders. Accordingly, the customers get better assumptions for choosing the optimal solution, as a decision first is made when the technology, the processes and the solution are known and accepted by both parties. Dialogue and common understanding reduce the risk, make the solutions more intelligent and improve the cooperation process.

Ementor is engaged in the three frame agreements, which include advisory service, consultancy assistance and IT supported business development. From 1 November 2004, Ementor can therefore offer advisory service within business development, ESDH, ERP, risk management and telecommunication including project management, development and implementation of IT infrastructure, customer specific systems, EPJ and ERP.

When comparing the new agreements with the previous frame agreements, which also comprise system solutions, Ementor can, as a purveyor of IT and consultant performances, solve complex digital public tasks from advisory to realization within the frame agreements.

“The combination of our broad business area and the many different SKI frame agreements give great advantages for our public customers. By this combination, the best conditions for effective partner cooperation are achieved, as fewer suppliers and optimal conditions are needed in the development of the most appropriate solutions,” says Claus Thorsgaard, Managing Director, Ementor in Denmark. “Our 20 years frame agreement anniversary is an acknowledgement of Ementor’s long-standing focus on the public market,” he continues.

For further information please contact:
Claus Thorsgaard, Managing Director, Ementor Danmark A/S, tel. +45 4478 8801, mob. +45 24 29 8801

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