Emigrate to Sweden - Emigrate to Lapland Emigrate to Jokkmokk!

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 05, 2010 13:30 CET

If you are considering emigration as part of a lifestyle change or retirement, there is a comprehensive website that will advise you on all aspects of moving to northern Sweden. The Swedish Lapland region is a wonderful mixture of vast open spaces, forests, lakes, rivers wild animals combined with the Sweden’s modern infrastructure including state of the art schools, hospitals, community facilities, shops, road and rail network, airports and much more.

If you would like to ski from your doorstep, dog sled as much as you want, see the Northern Lights, go to the Jokkmokk Winter Market and Ice Hotel every year, enjoy 24 hour daylight for 100 days each year, fish in thousands of lakes and rivers, hike to your heart’s content, visit all of the many national parks in the region, enjoy the Sami culture, drive on traffic and smog free roads and buy your next home for a fraction of what you pay in your own country, Swedish Lapland could be for you!

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