Emues – concert democracy, audience guaranteed and live music access

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 21, 2010 06:06 CEST

”The music business is facing new challenges as technology evolves and copyright laws are disputed. Artists face difficulties in making a living on music. The music industry debate has focused on recorded music as a product. However, Emues focuses on the concert,” says Markus Wiklander, founder of Emues.

The problems identified by Emues were that artists have a harder time breaking through, audience has little possibilities of influencing the live music supply, and venues need to take greater risks when booking.

Emues.com is a brilliant and innovative concept challenging current norms and limitations within the business. It also provides new opportunities for record labels, agents, artists and fans today," says Johannes Andersson, International Marketing Manager Sony Music Denmark.

”Emues.com offers the audience a possibility to see who they want, artists have a guaranteed income and we can guarantee the venues a full house,” says Markus Wiklander.


This is how it works:
- Fans, artists and venues registers on www.emues.com
- Artists and venues state break-even, available dates and their concert requirements.
- Everyone can browse artists and venues and listen to different artists, watch videos from previous concerts and suggest a concert.

- A concert suggestion is matched with artist/venue requirements. The optimal ticket price and the audience minimum are calculated. A concert suggestion is created by purchasing the first ticket to the potential concert.
- The concert suggestion is now listed for other users with matching profiles.

- Everyone can now buy tickets. To sell out the minimum amount of tickets, promotion to fans and friends through social communities is crucial.

- When the minimum amount of tickets is sold out, the tickets are available for print and the concert is on!

Emues.com is free for all users and creates a fair playing field for both established as well as unestablished artists to earn an income on their music. With the help of the audience’s demand, e.g. through engagement in social media, a profit secured music arrangement is created for the benefit of all parties involved.


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For further information please contact:

Markus Wiklander
CEO and founder of Emues Group AB

Emues.com is launched through Emues Group AB, which has its origin in Malmoe, Sweden and was founded by Markus Wiklander in 2009.

Emues Group is, above all, a global network of creative music enthusiasts, artists, venues, agents, fans and researchers. Emues Group works together with the goal of establishing innovative models and solutions to make the live music industry more beneficial and attractive for all parties involved.