Ends TODAY: free PROPERTY display in big business magazine (DI -Sweden's 'Wall Street Journal")

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 13, 2009 14:03 CEST

Ends TODAY: free PROPERTY display in big business magazine (DI -Sweden's 'Wall Street Journal")

press release 2009-10-13

Compete today on the global site win free advertisement space in Leading Business Daily paper DI on Saturday the 17th of October.


We just asked 300 international property agents this question: IF you had a chance of displaying one of your properties in Sweden's leading business newspaper for free, would you take it?

Expose Your international properties/ estate-/real estate-/apartmenst with photo for the jet-set readers of Dagens Industri, for free:


The global real estate & apartment Listing site had THIS LARGE AD in DI, Dagens Industri, in September:


As You may see, our ad had a BIG PHOTO IN COLOR of one of the sites ads in Greece, with the text: "Example: from find field "search on ad number", enter: 94210 to find the listing for this apartment in Athens, Greece".


The 17th of October, we will have an identical ad (that will reach all of DI´s readers AND all of the visitors of the Bo Utomlands, Live Abroad, convent in Malmö that very same weekend, BUT THEN AD/PHOTO MIGHT BE SHOWN instead of the Greek object shown before. FOR FREE!


COMPETE by create one or more abroad ads with photo BEFORE WEDNESDAY THE 14TH OCTOBER AT 10.30AM Swedish time, and You will have the chance to be in our ad the 17th of October.


2nd price: All ads (no matter area, for example Thailand, the French Riviera, London, Spain and so on) WILL BE SEEN by and MATCHED to over 500 unique, daily visitors.


HOW TO COMPETE? FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW to SIMPLE AND EASY create a "for sale" or "for rental" ad.

  • surf to
  • click on LOGIN, and then on "sign up", just - quick and easy - write your name, e-mail address and a password (leave everything else as it is)
  • from the entering page of, click on "Sellhouses" or "Rent out apartments" to create an ad. Easy. Free of charge!



    As the global interest for unique, cross-country, living-solutions increases, the numbers of members from increasing numbers of countries will, free of charge, make ads in different countries. Brokers, expats, ordinary people and not to forget Human Resources of global enterprises have, with, a good, free of charge, tool.


    -We are like the faxmachine - we get better the more that gets a fax, says Peter Cederholm CEO for





    For more information, please contact:
    Peter Cederholm, CEO for
    Phone: +46 (0)708107944, e-mail: | web: (click on COMPANY INFORMATION for more information) <------


    Lazybee was launched in July 1999, and RELAUNCHED in September 2009 has ten thousands of active members in twelve countries. The vision is to create a global housing market on the environmentally correct internet; like an eBay for homes. On, You may in many countries, in many languages and currency, search for and advertise free of charge -- exchange, buy, sell and subletting homes as apartments and villas-- with photos, automatic global matching and anonymity guaranteed. is run by Simplify AB that, for example, also runs the e-relocation site

    FEATURED (click directly on city/country to IMMEDIATELY see the ads): STOCKHOLM * BARCELONA* ÖRESUND * LONDON * THAILAND

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