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(Eng) Statement concerning the Studio Total Teddybear action vs Belarus KGB.

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 18, 2012 20:41 CEST

Statement concerning the Studio Total Teddybear action vs Belarus KGB.

During the last few days, the Belarus KGB has interrogated and incarcerated people who have reported about our Teddybear action in Belarus. This is not unusual in a country where reporters are regularly harassed, but we would like to draw your attention to how extremely vague and unfounded the accusations are. 

It is obvious that Belarus Defence (and especially A. Lukasjenko who recently personally guaranteed the safety of the Belarus borders) feel desperate and now act in full panic. 

Therefore, we want to be very clear about the following facts:

Studio Total did not have any contacts with Anton Suryapin or indeed any other Belarus citizen about our action before executing our plans. The campaign was kept totally secret, also in Sweden. Neither have we communicated afterwards with anybody within Belarus, other than answering questions from media, (among them media under government control). Pictures of the action taken within Belarus were taken by Studio Total members present at the time.

Concerning suspicions expressed  in Belarussian state media that we should have accepted money  from ”western intelligence organisations”, we can only say that to all those who know us, such accusations are ridiculous. But, to make one more clear statement:

This whole campaign cost a little over 100 000 Euro. It was financed solely by Studio total, and we are quite prepared to prove this by showing our books and accounts, in case the KGB is interested. (We´d like to warn you though, the bar receipts might be in bit of a mess…) 

Finally, we would like to thank once more those Belarussians who fight for freedom of speech. Every one of your victories is a victory for the whole world. Your courage and your sense of humour is an inspiration.

For Studio Total, Yours sincerely

/Per Cromwell

CEO, Studio Total

+46 703 68 99 09

We have also written an open letter addressed to Aleksander Lukasjenko personally. Read it here.

Studio Total is a swedish advertising agency, specializing in helping companies and organizations to find new ways of communicating. Now and then we also use the money we earn to promote issues we find important. Like treating all people the same, or the right to free speech.