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Entrance Mats - a classic decor.

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 15, 2010 00:12 CET

It is written in history that the cave man used mats made of animal skin to make the ground they walked on more comfortable and to have a layer which protects the feet against cold and hard "flooring". Egyptians wove woolen mats in 3000 BC, which then spread afterwards to Mongolia and China. The mats have played a major role in making rooms and spaces more inviting - more enticing. But mats have taken different forms and functions since the cave man's time. 

Entrance mats are a type of mat which during the 1970s spread in Sweden. Demand was slow in the beginning but the popularity of Entrance Mats has gained momentum. Today entrance mats are used to enhance companys' professional image. It also means that companies also invest in good working environment and a more pleasant workplace. Well-being at work is not just about good colleagues - it can also mean clean, fresh, safe and modern working environment with the help of ergonomic mats as well as standards entrance mats.

ProQures mission is to make every workplace in Sweden and Denmark more to thrive in. Clearly, entrance mats will continue to be a classic decor in the coming future.

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ProQure offers affordable & environmental friendly entrance mats & mat services of superior quality to the company in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm & the rest of Sweden.

Choose from different entrance mats such as drying, logo, VIP, Workplace & scraper mats.

ProQure takes environmental issues very seriously & that is why we have high standards for our partners & our own current environmental efforts.

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