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EQUIPAD, A new way of building horse arenas

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 26, 2010 15:17 CET

“EQUIPAD arenas: A whole year through a perfectly rideable footing with excellent
stability. The perfect arena that keeps your horse healthy.”

BM Service: Share the sensation … experience the difference in quality.

For the first time BM Service will attend the Goteborg Horse Show.

BM Service makes arenas that respond to all the needs of the customer, because there is a
great difference between soils for competition and for training on the one hand, and
between soils for dressage and for jumping on the other hand.

Kent Jacobsson - Dagstorportens Ryttarförening, Hofterup, Sweden :
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Because a horsefriendly surface has to offer a perfect stability, and moreover it may not be
as hard as rock, therefore this company manufactures a footing that is made to size for the
healthiness of the horse. Without doubt a surface for training is even more important than a
surface for competition, as it is the first which is used for daily practice.

Tomas Wilhelmsson - Equality Line :
“This EQUIPAD footing has made the difference between success and disaster of our show.
As a result the Swedish Championship 2009 could go on successfully.”

“To obtain the perfect upper layer (footing) it is of great importance to have the suitable
mix combined with the climatic circumstances of the region and with the final use,” says
Bart Manderveld, manager of BM Service.

Henrik Lanner - Lanner Sport Horses :
“I’ve the EQUIPAD footing in our indoor and outdoor riding hall, and it works fantastically
good regardless the weather.”

“The grain diversification of the upper layer is the most important part to create sufficient
stability”, Bart explains. BM Service has grown from year-long experience and knowledge.
Afterwards this company is developed to such an extension, by which it at this point installs
arenas through whole Europe from Greece to Sweden and is starting in the USA.

EQUIPAD-footings: All the horses are talking about it.