Battleriff Gaming AB

Esport star and former SMITE world champion co-founding startup that lets gamers monetize their passion.

Press release   •   Oct 13, 2015 11:46 CEST

Simon Hagert, perhaps better known to the SMITE Community as “Zimpstar”, has been working diligently for the past year along with a group of likeminded entrepreneurs to create Battleriff: A platform allowing online gamers of all skill levels to monetize their skills by betting against each other. His considerable expertise and respect in the community will serve him well in his role as Director of Esports & Affiliate Relations in the company.

“I first started playing professionally in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. After moving to Quake, Bloodline Champions, World of Warcraft and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, I finally arrived at SMITE” — said Mr. Hagert and continued,

“I’ve gained a lot of experience and insight from my time in gaming and esports. Co-founding Battleriff is a huge step, not just for me and the rest of the team, but for competitive online gaming as a whole. There’s nothing like it out there. We’re breaking new ground and giving gamers an opportunity to monetize on their passion, even if they’re not competing professionally.”

Apart from coaching the previous European Team SoloMid SMITE roster to a World Championship victory back in 2014, Mr. Hagert recently founded esports organisation “Paradigm”, which is currently looking to secure a spot in the 2016 $1,000,000 SMITE World Championship. Ambitiously, he’s simultaneously securing a BA in International Business at Umeå University.

About Battleriff Gaming AB

Battleriff Gaming AB, established 2014, is a Swedish startup focused on building the leading platform where online gamers can challenge each other and play for real money. 

Battleriff has a strong, well-connected and well-functioning team with a diverse background. Bound together through passion for gaming and esports. Battleriff’s mission is to build an entertaining, secure and attractive product that incorporates the DNA of the gaming culture. Something all gamers will love to use, pro and amateur alike.

Gaming and esports are probably the fastest growing online activities with around 800 million active users for Battleriff to target.

To learn more about the partnership or how you can become involved our venture please contact or visit the corporate website at