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Europe’s largest and fastest metal distributor grows: Harald Pihl AB buys new business in Denmark

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 05, 2013 07:00 CET

Harald Pihl AB (HPAB), the Swedish family business that now is run by the fourth generation Pihl, doesn’t hesitate despite the ongoing recession. On the contrary the company expands, now with the acquisition of Q-metal in Danish Hörsholm, 20 km north of Copenhagen. With this purchase, HPAB gets even bigger and is now represented in twelve countries in Europe and also in South Korea and China.

–  This is a very exciting time in many ways, says Jonas Pihl, CEO of Harald Pihl AB.

–  We are both family owned and run businesses that work with long term solutions and high quality. By merging both of our client networks and getting access to the knowledge Q-Metal has about the Danish market it’s a win-win situation. Furthermore, Q-Metal hasn’t had a warehouse previously, and that’s a service that we can provide. Having a warehouse opens up for many new business opportunities on the Danish market. 

As a service to the customers, HPAB’s warehouse stock status is on the website, which is updated instantly when the customer orders. Consequently, there is always possible to see exactly what’s in stock right now. HPAB has also launched a web shop, Alloy-Store.com, for private persons and those who seek smaller quantities.

– We’ve noticed that the clients are very pleased with our updated warehouse list. They know that they can get a response and a delivery quickly, says Jonas Pihl.

From space shuttles to dental repairs

It was CEO Jonas Pihl’s grandfather’s father that founded the company in 1912. Consequently, last year HPAB celebrated 100 years of successful entrepreneurship in alloys and special metals.

HPAB’s products can handle very demanding conditions and can be found in all kinds of objects – from airplane engines to space shuttles, dental repairs and nuclear reactors.

–  We even got orders from German enthusiasts that construct advanced model airplanes. They needed special metals for their small engines. We get in contact with loads of interesting customers, says Jonas Pihl.

–  Since we have the fastest delivery time in the business, no one needs to wait an unnecessary long time for their order, big or small. That is very important for the client, and of course for us.

For more information:

Jonas Pihl, CEO Harald Pihl AB, jonas.pihl@haraldpihl.com, 08-731 56 00.

FACTS/Harald Pihl AB

  • Harald Pihl AB is a family company founded 100 years ago, in 1912. It is now run by the fourth generation of  the Pihl family.
  • HPAB is one of Europe’s biggest companies in special alloys and titanium. The company is represented in 14 countries all over the world. The annual turnover is 210 million kronors.
  • In the warehouse, the biggest in EU, there are 10 000 products, ranging from raw materials to ready-to-use components.
  • HPAB has the fastest delivery time in the business. An order that is placed before noon is packed and shipped the same day.
  • Read more at www.haraldpihl.com

Harald Pihl holds Europe´s largest inventory of specialty alloys and titanium. We always ship within 24 hours to every corner of the world. See all our products in our online stock list at haraldpihl.com