Eskilstuna kommun

Europe's leading property developer chooses Eskilstuna

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 24, 2013 10:30 CEST

Goodman, the global integrated property group that owns, develops and manages logistics space, has entered into an options contract on land in Eskilstuna Logistics Park with the aim of developing up to 84,000 sqm of warehouse space for businesses geared towards distributing goods in Mälardalen and Scandinavia. The investment is expected to bring new jobs to Eskilstuna.

Eskilstuna municipality and Goodman have entered into a contract that gives Goodman the option to develop a parcel of land covering 14 hectares divided into two plots. The contract gives Goodman the right to offer these two plots of land to potential logistics customers. One plot of land is located adjacent to the E20 highway while the other has offers a direct rail access to Svealandsrail link.

- That Goodman which is one of the world’s largest players in the development of modern logistics buildings has chosen Eskilstuna, is once again a sign that our investment in Eskilstuna Logistics Park is beginning to bear fruit. A-förpackning opened a new warehouse earlier this year in the park, while DHL has signed a letter of intent for a plot of land to construct a new warehouse for distribution, and there are more companies are knocking on the door, according to Manuel Brändeborn, business development manager in Eskilstuna Municipality.

Goodman has chosen Eskilstuna because of its strategic location in the Mälardals region combined with its access to three transportation modes that promotes efficient distribution, access to a skilled workforce and an effective combo terminal that facilitates a good flow of goods.

- The land option in Eskilstuna Logistics Park gives us access to an area with a large number of potential customers. We will look for customers who wish to establish their business in Eskilstuna for the distribution of goods within the Mälardalen and greater Stockholm region. Eskilstuna is strategically located and the Logistics Park offers the opportunity to combine rail and road distribution, said Roger Peters, Goodman Regional Director Northern and Eastern Europe.

- It's a very positive sign that Goodman wants to invest in Eskilstuna. Their potential clients will bring new jobs, something which is extremely important for Eskilstunas job market. We are taking another positive step in our ambition to create 1000 new jobs within the framework of Eskilstuna Logistics Park, says Jimmy Jansson (S), city council chairman.

For more information contact:
Jimmy Jansson (S), city council chairman, +46 70-086 65 02. Manuel Brändeborn, business development manager, Eskilstuna Municipality, +46 70-089 32 24. Roger Peters, Goodman Regional Director Northern and Eastern Europe +31 40-235 33 10.