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European Project C-xtra

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 14, 2010 13:15 CEST

What is C-xtra EU?

A support and guidance package to help young people stay in learning

 C-xtra is an innovative online questionnaire and support package that’s been

designed to support students aged 16+ to stay in learning and to help tutors

identify and address retention issues.

 Initially developed by CXL in the UK, C-xtra is now coming to the EU with

versions in German, Swedish and Portuguese.


What C-xtra EU does

Student dropout rates from vocational education remains a key issue across

Europe. Thanks to bespoke research conducted in the 3 partner countries,

the C-xtra EU toolkit will identify and address the retention issues for

vocational learners aged 16+ in each of these countries.


C-xtra EU combines our project partners’ knowledge of the training and

education systems in their respective countries and shares their expertise

in vocational teaching and learning, tutor support, vocational guidance and

psychometric research.