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Europe’s first public LNG filling station is now opened

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 25, 2010 10:32 CEST

Fordons Gas Sverige AB held a grand opening of Europe’s first public LNG filling station for trucks on Wednesday this week. More than 200 people attended the opening breakfast, where Volvo exhibited one CNG-powered and three LNG-powered trucks, all involved in the field trial of the new Methane Diesel engines.

Nordic LNG attended the opening as the physical supplier of LNG to the station equipped with four CNG dispensers and two LNG dispensers. The station presently serves passenger cars and busses with CNG as well as the Volvo field trial trucks with LNG.

"A number of LCNG stations are expected to be launched in Sweden in the coming years, and the main driver for using this type of station instead of CNG-based stations, is not only to be able to supply liquid methane for trucks, but also to improve efficiency in supplying gas to the stations", says Roger Göthberg, Sales Manager at Nordic LNG. Göthberg adds that a tank truck carrying LNG can supply three times as much energy as a truck supplying CNG, which is beneficial both for the economy and the environment.

Nordic LNG provides natural gas in liquefied or gas form to industrial, maritime and automotive customers in Scandinavia. Deliveries are shipped out from the production plant in Stavanger via vessel, train or truck. A supply terminal is currently being built in Fredrikstad that will be opened for customer deliveries as from July 2011.