Evenite AB

Evenite reaches 10,000 username reservations

Press release   •   Jan 07, 2016 12:30 CET

Since Evenite enabled the public to reserve their unique usernames on the first day of 2016, there have been over 10,000 username reservations at evenite.com.

“We have personally had a firm belief that Evenite holds huge potential and that it will offer great value to its users, but this hype surpasses even our own wildest imaginations”, says Evenite CEO Mikael Myrhed. “To meet this hype, we are most proud to be able to bring Evenite to the public within the coming weeks.”

"It's an impressive number for an unreleased app, but scalability has always been one of the key areas of Evenite's architecture. At launch we will be able to handle millions of users", says Evenite CTO Emil Romanus.

The app will be launched on AppStore and Google Play and has global ambitions. “The need for engaging with new people is universal and we have since inception had, and still have, the ambition to become the world’s market standard for interaction with new people and with one’s friends”, says Christoffer Alknert, Head of Business Development at Evenite. “In essence, Evenite will serve as the one-stop hub for small and casual events of all kinds, but will also enable any type of event interaction.”

The statistics from the username reservations show a large spread among age groups and nationalities. “Our intention with Evenite is to globally unite people by events. That is why it is very satisfying to see a truly diverse user base at the signup stage”, says Mikael Myrhed. “We are most excited to see the event interaction begin and are eager to see the types of events evolve for a growing and diverse user base internationally.”

Evenite AB was incorporated in spring 2015 by the co-founders Mikael Myrhed, Christoffer Alknert and Emil Romanus. Having been in development since the summer of 2014, the app launches in Q1 2016. The goal of Evenite is to become the one-stop world-wide place for casual, small scale events of all kinds.