Evenite AB

​​Evenite secures key partnerships and financing

Press Release   •   Jan 13, 2016 16:16 CET

Partnering with ALMI and Stockholm Business School’s Marketing Academy, Evenite prepares for launch.

Evenite - the new social forum and free market for casual events - has recently partnered with and received financial aid from ALMI. This will support the upcoming launch of the app.

 “To support the large scale launch that is upcoming, this partnership is of large importance. Not only due to its financial impact, but it also proves that there is legitimate external belief in the value that Evenite will soon bring to the public”, says Evenite CEO Mikael Myrhed.

Another partnership with Evenite that will start in the coming weeks and span over the coming months regards Stockholm Business School’s renowned Marketing Academy. It integrates the upper echelon of the university’s business students to take on real-life business tasks. In the past, the Marketing Academy has worked with organizations such as Handelsbanken, Carnegie Funds, Toyota, Vapiano, Telia and Klarna.

“The disruptive innovation that is Evenite will radically change the means of social interaction to the better by essentially creating the world’s first true marketplace of interaction”, Mikael states.

“Metaphorically speaking, we will market the first telephone of real-life interaction with the key difference being that Evenite is free and will always be free for its users. The marketing effort is therefore focused on explaining how the app could be used to enable people to interact in the way they wish rather than selling anything. That is why the fresh perspective of the driven and talented students of the Marketing Academy is crucial to Evenite.”

Evenite is scheduled to be launched at the end of January.

Evenite AB was incorporated in spring 2015 by the co-founders Mikael Myrhed, Christoffer Alknert and Emil Romanus. Having been in development since the summer of 2014, the app launches in Q1 2016. The goal of Evenite is to become the one-stop world-wide place for casual, small scale events of all kinds.