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Evenite - The new social network going live

Press release   •   Jan 04, 2016 14:32 CET

The world's first global market of private events will launch on iOS and Android within the coming weeks.

"We have been working hard on Evenite since early summer 2014 and are very excited to bring it to the public soon", says Evenite CEO Mikael Myrhed.

Unite by events! Evenite is the global market of small events for safe and relevant interaction with new people and your friends.

- Find house parties in your city or on your vacation abroad with people your age

- Meet a tennis partner on a certain day and time at a certain skill level at a club near you

- Complete a soccer team with both friends and new people

- Share a car for a road trip or for simply going to the same location

The definition of event is all up to you and there are endless ways to interact. You can also generally ask if there is interest in doing something particular by posting a Shout which can be formed into an event.

Unique criteria allow you to filter the events searched for by your desired tags, age, gender, size of event, and many other demographic, geographic, quality- and experience-related criteria to ensure relevance of the events displayed.

Hosting events allows for applying these filters as well, only enabling the users matching your criteria to see a limited version of your event. Before you confirm your desired attendees you can see their profiles and stories of their previous events with pictures to get a brief understanding of who they are by what they actually do.

Evenite is free for users and will always be free since we do not believe that people should be charged for being socially active.

Questions or concerns? Visit evenite.com or contact info@evenite.com.

Evenite AB was incorporated in spring 2015 by the co-founders Mikael Myrhed, Christoffer Alknert and Emil Romanus. Having been in development since the summer of 2014, the app launches in Q1 2016. The goal of Evenite is to become the one-stop world-wide place for casual, small scale events of all kinds.