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EXOvault äntligen i Sverige

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 23, 2010 14:14 CET

Metallskalen EXOvault till iPhone finns nu äntligen att köpa i Sverige. iPhonebutiken kan, som enda importör, presentera dessa vackra metallskalen till iPhone.


Konstnärerna Amelia och Jonathan berättar om EXOvault:

We are not a big company - actually we are just the opposite. The two of us (Amelia & Jonathan) are artists, sculptors to be specific, and we design, create and finish all of our EXOvault cases by hand right here in our studios in Brooklyn, NY. We pay a lot of attention to quality and detail, and what the customer gets is a strong and durable metal case that is unique, hand-made, and different than anything else out there.

We have redesigned our already totally cool EXOvault aluminum case to improve reception and GPS quality. We have replaced the aluminum flutes with an elegant hardwood insert, which is held in place with a stunning dovetail-like joint. The aluminum surface flows seamlessly into the hand finished rosewood back. Rosewood is both extremely hard and beautiful. When you look at its surface it has a variegated grain that alternates between a rich brown to a darker warm black. This wood inset is very lightweight and these new cases are just as incredibly light as our original design. If you look at the front of the case you will also notice we have extended and re-shaped the openings for the antenna allowing for even better reception and GPS quality.

All of the openings for the volume, on/off switch, headphone jack, charger opening, etc. have been improved and re-sized to make access smooth and easy on our original EXOvault case and our new hardwood-back model. We pay attention to quality and detail, and what we provide is a distinctive and beautiful handcrafted object that sets itself apart from the average modern plastic world. You truly cannot find a cooler iPhone case out there AND these EXOvault cases are made with love, by hand in Brooklyn!