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Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 25, 2014 16:22 CET

Close to our Training Center in Arlanda, isour new Test Track 1 located. A test track out of the ordinary, built to challenge all types of vehicles and drivers.

For us it’s not so much about what type of vehicle you want to test or compare, large heavy trucks or two-wheelers. For us it’s more about what vehicle characteristics you want to test or compare. On the right track and in the right environment the vehicle will respond to you directly with a feeling in the gut, in your hands or perhaps even in your mind. These experiences will give you the arguments that you never thought you would get. 

At the top of Test Track 1, Checkpoint is located– a modern venue with amphitheater and place to display and demonstrate a car indoor. Nearby our Test Track 1 a second track is located Test Track 2 – a seasoned track with realistic road layout. This test track offers the opportunities to create different types of tests and elements. Together with our instructors,we will pick the track that suits your needs.

Welcome to the two test tracks that will give you a driving experience out of the ordinary.

Längd Dynamic Course: 920 m
Längd Test Area: 860 m
Bredd Dynamic Course: 10 m
Bredd Test Area: 6, 10, 20, 30 m
Checkpoint: 200 m2

Training Partner will help you and your business to not only identify competence required and the competence that already exist. We will also help you develop it.To accelerate it. 
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