Explore the network and service assurance solutions from Tektronix Communications (TekComms)

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 25, 2013 13:38 CET

Network operators face an increasing number of challenges. Tektronix Communications offers a range of solutions for optimizing the experiences of the communications in our increasingly connected world. These solutions target both service providers and equipment manufacturers by offering an unparalleled suite of services which help customers achieve CAPEX and OPEX savings. The solutions include a wide range of network diagnostics as well as service assurance for IP, converged multi-service, fixed and mobile networks. The visibility of how customers are using networks and the issues they are encountering have a critical impact on the carriers profits, that is why, whether they need a full solution or support with specific tasks, Tektronix Communications is there to help.

Customers are in control. Tektronix Communications is aware that as smart phone use is on the rise, more 3rd-party services are being offered every day. When services fail, network carriers need to be fully prepared to resolve the issues that are impacting on the customer experience by having adopted full-fledged and cost-effective network managing, monitoring an network optimization solutions. Tektronix is able to provide outsourced network management and network monitoring software, on-site experts, administrative staff and much more in order to help carriers preserve their profits.

More specifically, when it comes to 2G/3G technologies, the fact that they are globally deployed does not shelter them from problems. Every new application, expansion, service offering and device introduction risks facing an array of issues and setbacks. Tektronix products and solutions ensure interoperability between different networks and software, allowing the deployment operations to run efficiently and smoothly, providing 3G and 2G network optimization as well as protecting the investments made.

Network deployment and slow troubleshooting are not the only issues which can impact the carriers’ profits. Another important side of the business is finding and maintaining right roaming partnerships. Roamers expect a seamless transition and full roaming quality when connecting from a new destination. The network carriers have to be able to steer outbound roamers to the most highly profitable carrier service while a large proportion of inbound roamers to their own networks. Whether inbound or outbound, the carrier’s roaming revenue is highly depending on the quality of their partnerships with other carriers. Most carriers will be familiar with the complexity of these cases. The Roaming Solutions from Tektronix Communications can help you find and manage partnerships to consolidate lucrative and sustainable revenue streams.

Another side of the business is managing an increasingly complex landscape of mobile devices in the smartphone era. The increased unpredictability of handset behaviour and their diversity is further complicating the proper management of networks. In this context, carriers cannot anticipate every scenario, no matter how much testing has taken place. As a result, acquiring automated real time solutions such as Device Management for alarming capturing and resolution enables carriers to react swiftly to any challenge.

In a constantly changing world, customer expectations of network service quality and reliability remain constant. Today’s data heavy and connected puts a tremendous amount of pressure on network resources. The subscriber however, is not going to tolerate poor quality of experience, often putting the providers’ profits at risk in case of network inconsistency. The mobile access solutions allow major network operators to quickly resolve complex issues before they have a negative impact on customer experience and the provider’s revenue.

These are only a few amongst many other professional solutions provided by Tektronix Communications. For more information about Customer Experience improvement & management, Device Management & Mobile Access, Core Network & Media Assurance, please visit the TekComms.com website.