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Fabulous new music video from John de Sohn!

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 01, 2013 19:51 CET

Today it is premiere for the fabulous music video to the new single from John de Sohn feat. Kristin Amparo "Dance Our Tears Away"! The music video was shot the second weekend of January in Barcelona, Spain.

The film´s director Jonas Eriksson, at the production company "Slutet är nära", tells us about the production:

 - In the very beginning we build the idea around the story about the thought to dance away your everyday worries. Working as a "walking billboard" should probably be regarded as a rather unstimulating job, so it suited as something to "dance away from". We wanted it to be visually strong, so then it became a mascot costume inspired by early Spike Jonze and the skate film culture "a day in the sun along the city streets".

- We were a small team. Me from the production company, a representative from Sony Music and the stuntman Eos Karlsson went off to Barcelona and throughout the idea we wanted to make it like a skate film because of that there were some dramaturgical key scenes. And then came the rest quite spontaneously which we were very satisfied with together with all the people we met downtown with lots of genuine emotion.

 - The clear message is embedded in the title - "Dance Our Tears Away". Life is hard at most places in the world, but we can rise above everyday´s life and grief in simple age-old rituals - dance for instance!

Production company: Slutet är nära
Director: Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson
D.O.P: Alexandros Bakos
Super Chicken: Eos Karlsson

Official music video:

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