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Färeds Gårdhandel ny agentur för Christopherus Hundfoder

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 01, 2017 18:54 CET

January 1, 2017 Lokal company Färeds Gårdhandel AB, Töreboda, will start its distribution of German high premium brands Christopherus and Monties in Sweden soon. Färeds Gårdshandel AB Töreboda establish its new business segment and penetrate the Swedish market with brands from German company Allco Heimtierbedarf.

The Swedish market for animal food is growing, especially for dogs, cats and horses, whereby more than half of the demand is covered by shops and institutions specialized on animal food and accessories. „Thanks to Monties and Christopherus for cats and dogs, our well-trained sales force will have best products to address a broad net of specialized shops and make them our partners”, says Färeds Gårdhandel AB Head of Business Christer Bofeldt.

Christopherus for dogs – enjoying a fresh packaging design relaunch in November – offers a broad spectrum of high premium dry food, wet food, snacks and dietary supplements. Christopherus is also available for cats with a product range of wet food, snacks and cat diets. Monties consists of a variety of thirteen snacks especially designed for horses. In view of expanding Christopherus and Monties to Sweden, Allco Heimtierbedarfs Sales Director says: „We are very much looking forward to enthuse Swedish animal lovers with our high-quality products distributed by a partner so professional than Färeds Gårdhandel AB.”

Where Christopherus comes from? From Allco!

Allco Heimtierbedarf is a German company located in rural Wulmstorf close to the rider’s town of Verden. Here, almost 50 years ago the businessman Claus Lefers turned his passion for animals and their nutrition into a profession. Managed today by his son Jörg, Allco stands for high-quality animal food that “focuses on the needs of the animals with no ifs and no buts”. The close cooperation with science and research, a consistent quality management and regular veterinarian checks guarantee the special quality and digestibility of our dog food – and naturally our 30 animal-loving employees that do everything they can every day to ensure healthy animals and satisfied customers.