Fanny & Alexander - Book release/Lecture

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 15, 2010 15:07 CEST

Book release of O/Z Atlas of a theatre journey by Fanny & Alexander and a lecture by Chiara Lagani and Marco Cavalcoli.

Where: At Moderna Dansteatern, Studio 1
When: Sunday 17 october at 2 pm
Free of entrance, no booking required

Chiara and Marco are both a part of the italian company Fanny & Alexander and are in Sweden to host a workshop with the actors from The Autonoums Actor from Teaterhögskolan as well as releasing their book O/Z Atlas of a theater journey

Fanny & Alexander is a well-renowned theater company from Ravenna, Italy. The core of the group consits of the director Luigi de Angelis and the actor/dramaturge Chiara Lagani. Often in their working method they dive into a theme that they spin their performances around. OZ is a nine performance series based on the motion picture The Amazing Wizard of OZ (with Judy Garland from 1939).

About the book:
Suspended between in-depth diary and imaginal reportage, the book is an utopian atlas of Fanny & Alexander's journey in the wonderful world of Oz. Afetr four years and nine shows inspired by the novel by L.F. Baum, here are the founding archetypes which guided the company: wait, courage, disaster, choice, journey, among the others. The first part is made up of 37 imaginal tables as an introduction to the thematic areas of the project, each one matched with texts commissioned to personalities of culture and art. The second part is a further imaginal journey throughout the shows, a door to a world from which it will be difficult to come back.