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Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 19, 2014 19:53 CEST

Sara Olausson has published autobiographical and satirical adult comics but has also illustrated children’s series Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang after Barbro Lindgren’s children’s books. Now she releases the first part of the story inspired by her encounter with Felicia, the Romanian migrant begging on the streets of Stockholm who became her friend. Felicia’s story is interpreted by Sara Olausson’s cartoon series, a fruit of hours of laughter and tears, both in Sweden and Romania.

Felicia’s story is told through Sara Olausson’s cartoon drawings. This collaboration is the fruit of hours of laughter and tears, both in Sweden and Romania. Sara and Felicia became friends in October 2013, communicating across a language barrier via single words and body language, then using translation software, and finally through meetings between three women – one Romanian, one Swede and one Romanian-Swede acting as interpreter – Felicia, Sara, and Arina.

In this saga, it is Felicia’s voice you hear. Sara’s own story of her friendship with Felicia will emerge in a future book.

Sara Olausson, cartoonist, about the book: »I met Felicia Iosif on the way to work. There she sat with a mug in front of her and asked for money. Getting to know Felicia and gain insight into the reality that she and many others live in has changed me, made me grow and given me a voice that can not be quiet.

I must tell you about it here, about the people who have no voice and cannot be heard. It is with great pleasure that I give you the start of Felicia’s history!«

Arina Stoenescu, publisher, about the project: »I invited Felicia and her husband along with Sara to the inauguration of an exchange project between Swedish and Romanian illustrators that Sara had participated in. I was impressed by Sara’s initiative to support the marginalized group Romanians began begging in the streets of Stockholm, many of them Roma people, and wanted to help and spread awareness of their situation in order to change it. The supportive initiative IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME initiative began to grow and Sara wanted to write a book about Felicia, I suggested that one could start with a cartoon, a narrative form that could get behind the language barrier and reach even the group that it would depict and where the literacy rate is low. Today, we proudly present the result of our joint work where Felicia is one of the authors.«


Arina Stoenescu, designer and publisher





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