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Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 04, 2010 14:40 CEST

In mid-October the countdown begins for the web magazine Feministiskt Perspektiv – feminist perspective, an independent publication with no ties to party politics. As soon as 1500 readers have signed up for subscription the weekly publication will begin. Domestic and international news, labor market and economy, culture and research – all from a feminist perspective.

Behind the project are among others Anna-Klara Bratt and journalists from the media-critical network Allt är Möjligt Media Watch Group:
– There skills among journalists not taken advantage of and a corresponding readership starved for a feminist magazine. More than twenty years of study shows that it has been difficult for gender equality to reach into the editorial offices and out in the columns. This is despite repeated training sessions, alarms and appeals.

The project was supposed to be launched when the web site opens in mid-October, but the response from the Swedish feminist movement became too big:
– I sent an email to feminists we hope will contribute to the magazine in different ways and within hours we had received loads of enthusiastic answers. In this way, it must have been revealed, says Anna-Klara Bratt.

The magazine Feministiskt Perspektiv will be issued by the nonprofit society Föreningen Feministiskt Perspektiv and will contain, in addition to news, a feminist calendar, banks of feministic expertise, media criticism and ads for feministic actors. According to the plan, four editors will fill the magazine with the support of freelancers and alternative news agencies.

Anna-Klara Bratt
editor Feminist perspectives
+46 70-772 17 52

Lena Ulrika Rudeke
President Allt är Möjligt Media Watch Group
+46 70-608 31 46

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