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FIA European Drag Racing Championship at Tierp Arena!

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 07, 2011 23:43 CET

One of the last months most hot topics in the racing industry, has been the question if Tierp Arena in Sweden will be approved to host one of the races in the European Drag Racing Championship 2011? And the answer is, Yes!

The Swedish Automobile Sports Federation (www.sbf.se) has made their decision to inform FIA, the international federation for motorsports, that they have approved Tierp Arena in Sweden to host the second of the total of six races in the prestigious European Drag Racing Championship 2011.

–This has been our intention from the start. Not everyone can host a race in the European Championship, so we fully understand why this process took a while to complete, says Leif Andreasson, one of the owners and driving forces behind the Tierp Arena project.

Up until now the championship has consisted of five races. The FIA and the representatives for the drag racing sport, has for the last years had additional races in the series on the top of their wish list.

–This is a important step in the development of the drag racing sport in Europe. Our intention and long term goal with starting this project was from the beginning to rise the interest and introduce the sport to new groups of spectators. We will try to give Europe the best drag racing event ever, in every aspect, says Leif Andreasson.

Unique arena and race track

The arena beeing built in Tierp is in many ways unique. First of all the race track is made out of concrete, the first one in Europe. The arena is also built with a permanent grand stand for 20 000 spectators.

–No track can be as smooth as one made out of concrete. Our intention from the beginning have been to build the best drag racing track ever i Europe. We haven't cut any corners and spared any expenses to get a facility that will give our guests experiences that they never will forget, says Lars-Erik Lindberg, one of the other owners and manager for the construction work at the arena area.

Background story

In the beginning of 2010 the municipality of Tierp, a small society located approximately one hour drive north Stockholm, contacted Leif Andreasson. They asked him if he had any ideas and thoughts of what to do with the since a few years closed down military airport. Leif immediately saw the possibilities, and started to look for investors and other partners that where interested in helping him to fulfill one of his dreams, to build a absolute world class drag racing arena in Sweden. Early in the process Leif and his associates realized that the airport offered a lot more than just space for a motor sports arena. The result in the end is now that Tierp Arena has a organization and the practical conditions to arrange a wide range of events and other activities. Educations, concerts, fairs and sporting competitions is some of the activities that we will se at Tierp Arena in the future.

Leif Andreasson

Leif Andreasson is a three time European Champion in Top Methanol Funnycar. He has for the last decade made a living out of being a professional drag racer. But when he fell over the Tierp Arena project he stepped down from the professional racing business and is now investing 100% of his time awake in Tierp Arena. But he hasn't given up racing forever.

–As soon as Tierp Arena is up and running, I will get back into the car again. I'm already suffering hard from a severe abstinence for sitting behind the steering wheel, feeling the power in my 2700 hp Funnycar, says Leif with a smile.

Lars-Erik Lindberg

Lars-Erik is one of Swedens most experienced contractors when it comes to carry out challenges of in a short period of time force larger building projects, such as shopping centers and other complex construction projects to be completed.

–This is one of the most challenging projects I ever have entered. But we will be done in time, well before our first races in May and June, says Lars-Erik Lindberg.

FIA - European Drag Racing Championship Calendar 2011:

May 27-30 FIA Main Event - Santa Pod Raceway GBR

June 9-12 Sweden Internationals - Tierp Arena SWE

June 30-July 3 FHRA Nitro Nationals - Alastaro FIN

July 28-31 Veidec Festival - Mantorp Park SWE

August 12-14 "Nitrolympx" Hockenheimring DEU

September 08-11 FIA European Finals - Santa Pod Raceway GBR


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