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Filibaba is proud to introduce the Vegourmet app

Press Release   •   Aug 14, 2015 14:17 CEST

Filibaba creates green recipe apps on a app plattform that’s been downloaded hundreds-of-thousands of times. On August 26th, Filibaba will launch a new app in collaboration with Vegourmet, the eco-conscious food magazine from Sweden.

Vegourmet launched in Sweden in the autumn of 2014 and has in a short period of time reached a large number of subscribers with their beautiful food photography and creative vegan recipes. The philosophy is organic ingredients, seasonal cooking from scratch and, like their name suggest, plant based – but never boring. The app contains the very best recipes from the magazine:

  • Everything from creative salads and soups to rich pastas and hijiki burgers
  • Global foodie influences as far away as Spain, Thailand, Italy, Latin America, and Japan
  • Learn to cook with exclusive gourmet ingredients like nori, cardamom, and truffle butter
  • Raw food recipes, including a whole category of raw desserts with natural sweeteners
  • The combination of Vegourmet’s content and Filibaba’s platform results in an app that’s a pleasure to use, packed with food inspiration. The app works beautifully on iPhone, iPad and even the recently launched Apple Watch. This is Vegourmet’s first contact with a international audience; each recipe has been carefully translated to English, with ingredients available in both Metric and US measurements, as well as temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Filibaba hopes their good relationship will Apple will help give Vegourmet the best possible introduction to the App Store.


    Max Rudberg


    Press Material:

    Filibaba was founded in 2011, and they released their first app in 2012. From the start, the idea was to inspire people to cook vegetarian more often, with benefits to health and the environment. Filibaba was founded by the siblings Jenny and Viktor and the first app, Veggie Meals, contains recipes from their upbringing. Jenny and co-founder Max has a broad range of design experience from both clients like Apple and Electrolux, but also startups like Wrapp and Spotify.