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Finally GH, Inc announces the marketing lexicon on

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 09, 2012 09:33 CEST

GH, Inc is excited to introduce the Marketing lexicon online created for the best selection of clients.

¨Since the launch of GH, Inc Marketing we have been asked by many, to define and explain, the tools and terms used by the team, to implement a strategic marketing plan.
The online lexicon reflects the key needs for any company to drive more revenue; with maintaining the best margins¨ says strategic marketeer Jeroen Gulickx.

GH, Inc has developed a series of tools and methods, applicable for clients of a wide variety
of industries, from finance, security and health consulting to fashion, furniture, jewelry,
publishing and more.

The team uses these tools, and collects data available within the company or from the market place, which form the base of the creative process that is needed to implement the best
possible strategic marketing process. It also is the platform the team works from for the
design of a logo, an entire brand book or operational set up.

The GH, Inc lexicon is much more than a dictionary, it is the way for companies to grow.

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tel: +46 (0) 8 410 077 42
Contact: Jeroen Gulickx
+46 (0) 70 993 05 50

For immediate release
July 2012

GH, Inc works closely with the client to understand the current financial, operational and marketing structures. GH, Inc will look at operations, product lines, distribution channels, contracts, pricing, corporate and the brand profile, as well as all the elements that influence and define the success of the company. In this partnership with the client, GH, Inc will develop and implement a strategic marketing plan, which will be the base for solid expansion and make marketing the DNA of the organization.

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Strategic Marketing Planning, International Growth, Strategic Marketing Execution, Creative Direction.