Financial Perspective: MEPs adopt new draft resolution

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 07, 2006 17:06 CET

The Budgets Committee have sent a fresh warning to Council in the negotiations on the next Financial Perspective. MEPs in the committee unanimously adopted a draft resolution which formally terminates the current Inter-Institutional Agreement, allowing Parliament to keep the more advantageous Treaty provisions as the sole basis if talks on the next FP fail.

The six-paragraph resolution by Reimer BÖGE (EPP-ED, DE) "recalls that the EC Treaty provides for the adoption of annual budgets" and therefore "denounces the existing Inter-Institutional Agreement on Financial Perspective of 6 May 1999". With this move, the Budgets Committee eliminates the possibility of rolling forward the current structure of the EU Budget from 2007 onwards, adjusted for inflation, if no agreement on the next Financial Perspective is reached.

However, the Budgets Committee also stresses its willingness to "achieve an agreement" on the next long-term spending plan. The European Parliament's negotiating delegation will meet counterparts from the Austrian Presidency and the European Commission at the next trialogue of 21st March to attempt to iron out the remaining differences.

This item will be added to the Agenda of the Plenary Session of March 22-23.

Committee on Budgets

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