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Finansium Newsletter - June 2012

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 02, 2012 12:52 CEST

Finansium Newsletter - June 2012

June 2012 was a month where Europe was in focus in the financial market. Traders protect them self against a bad outcome from the vote in Greece the 17 June 2012. After a “ok” outcome from the vote, traders started to focus on the EU Economic Summit. The volatility was very high on the Forex market during the Summit. Before the meeting EurUsd dropped quickly and rise quickly on friday morning after President Herman Van Rompuy comments how Europe will help European banks. Some optimist winds are blowing on the financial market at the end of June 2012.

During June 2012 we closed all open trades we had on the market and we end June 2012 flat. The closing of those trades gave us a good profit and make our May equity drop just a “tick” on our equity line.

The  Finansium Forex G7 V1 and V2 funds closed the open trades that reduce the equity in May. That explain why the May profit is negative and the profit is so high for June 2012.

Profit for May & June 2012 for Finansium Forex G7 V1 is : +2,93 %
Profit for May & June 2012 for Finansium Forex G7 V2 is : +4,63 %
Profit for May & June 2012 for Finansium Forex G7 V3 is : +2,19 %

Finansium Forex G7 v1 fund since 1-May-2011: +36.08% (USD NAV)
June 2012: 19.05%
2012: +5.8%

Finansium Forex G7 v2 fund since 1-July-2011: +26.41% (USD NAV)
June 2012: 24.08%
2012: +6.12%

Finansium Forex G7 v3 fund since 1-Jan-2012: +12.74% (USD NAV)
June 2012: 3.11%
2012: +12.74%

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Henrik Ekenberg
CEO Finansium

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