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FlexProp AB is expanding due to significant orders from major international vehicle manufacturers

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 06, 2013 09:09 CET

Science Park Halmstad is part of a cluster formation of 25 companies and organizations in Halmstad Sweden, which purpose is to promote Light Weight Production Technology worldwide. FlexProp AB is a prominent member of this cluster and has a cutting edge competence in the area of LWPT. A major step forward has been made recently, since FlexProp AB has received a number of significant orders from major international players like Volvo Cars and Airbus among others. The reason is FlexProp's attractive innovation in lightweight assembly-line parts, which means more cost-effective production and greater efficiency overall.

FlexProp AB has introduced a new hybrid gripper system used in the assembly
production of vehicles. The success of this product line has led to orders from both Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo Cars. Audi has also placed an order for a number of FlexProp's so-called CuC fixtures used in the laser brazing or attaching of vehicle roofs.

Defence and security company Saab and FlexProp AB have increased their mutual efforts in developing lightweight production technology (LWPT) for the special requirements needed within the aerospace industry. Saab foresees a great potential in LWPT. By establishing itself as a forerunner in this area, Saab expects to improve its competitiveness as a supplier and manufacturer of aircraft and subassemblies for aircraft.

Airbus has engaged FlexProp to deliver the base frame for its manufacturing process of aircraft parts. Airbus appreciates the lightweight design, stable structure and thermal behaviour allowing new production methodologies. “This is a major breakthrough for FlexProp,” says the company's CEO Karl-Otto Strömberg. “Airbus is the leading manufacturer of aircraft in the world and it is very encouraging to be qualified as supplier. It is of course also a confirmation of the potential in lightweight production technology.” The UK-based Manufacturing Technology Center, MTC, placed the order for Airbus and has engaged Aerotech Design Consultants Ltd in the UK to supply the hardware.

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Karl-Otto Strömberg, CEO, FlexProp, +46 (0)35 18 48 30,

FlexProp is based in Halmstad, Sweden. Since 1985, FlexProp has successfully combined material science and innovative design resulting in a number of successful, new products throughout the years. The LWPT project (lightweight production technology) began in 1999 with a contract from AB Volvo. LWPT is a concept in which means replacing heavy equipment used in the automotive and aerospace industries by much lighter equipment manufactured in carbon fibre-reinforced plastic. The effect on production is extensive, from more efficient planning to a decrease in energy consumption and an improvement in tolerance. The greatest significance, however, is the increase in flexibility.

In September 2013 a group of 25 companies and organizations formed a cluster in order to promote LWPT. The founders of this cluster are Region Halland, the University of Halmstad and FlexProp. By forming this cluster the infrastructure is strengthened, capacity is improved and the knowledge base is broadened. The cluster will take a holistic approach to LWPT and, among many things, will initiate and promote research in this area.