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Press Release

30 September 2010

Follow 2010 Nobel Prize Announcements Live with’s Channels and Services, the official web site of the Nobel Prize, will provide real time updates about the 2010 Nobel Prizes as the news breaks, with live webcasts in HD quality of the Nobel Prize Announcements, including alerts on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. provides the official news about the 2010 Nobel Prize Announcements as soon as they happen. The first announcement, for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, will be made on 4 October 11:30 a.m. CET, 9:30 a.m. GMT at the earliest (see the full timetable of announcements here

You can follow the news in the following ways:

  • Live webcast on The press conferences from the Nobel Prize awarding institutions and exclusive interviews with members of Nobel Committees will be webcast live in HD quality on If you cannot follow the live webcast, the announcements as well as interviews will be available as video on-demand after a few hours.  Additional material such as telephone interviews with the new Nobel Laureates and the opportunity to post congratulatory messages will be available.

  • Twitter alerts. The Twitter feed (#nobelprize) lets you keep in touch with the Nobel Prize Announcements using the web, through SMS alerts on your phone, or instant messenger services. You can also post your congratulatory tweet on the feed.

  • Nobel Prize YouTube channel. Featured on YouTube is the continuation of Q&A sessions with Nobel Laureates. YouTube users can put their questions to the 2010 Nobel Laureates.

Background information on the new Nobel Laureates and their Nobel Prize awarded achievements, including the official documentation from the Nobel Prize awarding institutions, are available on as the announcements are made.

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