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 “From philanthropy to resilience, from green concerns to business by I Want This" in_rurl="" href="#">continuity

Slowing growth, dwindling resources, changing environment, and increasing inequality. All these by I Want This" in_rurl="" href="#">changes challenge corporations to get involved somehow. Resilient communities mean paying customers. Lost resilience undermines prosperity. At a time when people are losing confidence, this is the moment to redefine your mission, respond to real needs and create lasting relationships. CSR and sustainability are rapidly becoming a business continuation issue.

This webinar welcomes the by I Want This" in_rurl="" href="#">Humanitarian Water and Food Award (WAF). Based in Copenhagen, WAF has spent five years promoting ground-breaking successes in global water and food security. It is uniquely placed to demonstrate how some businesses are redefining CSR as a dynamic of a resilient society.

THIS WEBINAR IS FOR individuals and organizations interested in learning more about how business can contribute to, and benefit from, true prosperity through supporting water and food security

THE by I Want This" in_rurl="" href="#">PROGRAM FEATURES:

·  Our changed world: the concepts about business from the 90s that no longer apply.

·  The water and food situation in the world, an overview.

·  Hunger: what it does to humanity.

·  What companies can do and are doing.

·  How taking social responsibility can help your company attract talent and customers.

·  What do people really want? The myth and reality of “economic man”.

·  The WAF ladder – from philanthropy to CSR to shared value.

·   Competition v. kindness. Community v. corporation. Do they have to compete? Lessons from WAF applicants.

·  Moving forward.

STEPHEN HINTON’s background is in management training from MaST International Ltd. and program management at Ericsson. Before starting his consulting service he was Managing Director of a water  purification company. Stephen’s passion for sustainability led to his book Inventing for the Sustainable Planet. An ISSS fellow, Stephen also serves on the boards of JAK Bank, the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, and the by I Want This" in_rurl="" href="#">Humanitarian Water and Food Award.

PHILLIP WYER is founder of ISSS and a long-time Risk Management & Crisis Preparedness expert. His experience in Middle East conflict regions ranges from community, to corporate to government authorities and agencies. Philip’s approach to mitigation of risk and preparing for crisis in a rapidly changing world is from the lowest local level. Philip leads the way to innovative preparedness through the ISSS 2014-2020 Program with projects ranging from Local Fuel Security and Security of Critical Infrastructure to Individual Preparedness in Civil Society.

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THIS WEBINAR is a guest by I Want This" in_rurl="" href="#">presentation by the Water and Food Award with ISSS and WAF representatives. It features live speakers, video clips, interactive text chat, and a Q&A session.

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by I Want This" in_rurl="" href="#">Registration is FREE for this Online Event: 27th February 2014 @ 14:00 CET.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the  Institute of Swedish Safety & by I Want This" in_rurl="" id="_GPLITA_13" href="#">Security (ISSS),was founded in 2010 by individuals committed to working towards a peaceful, safe and secure environment. Members have significant and diverse backgrounds in risk management and crisis preparedness.

The institute provides both research, consultancy and an advisory capacity in risk management and crisis preparedness to stimulate sustainable living, resilience and ensure the well-being of civil society. The mandate aims to bring awareness to lead to the development of enhanced processes to ensure the integrity of critical assets during the event of natural and man-made crisis or disasters. The ISSS provide advice to maintain local authority capacity & capability to deliver essential services in a rapidly changing world.

"Resilience through Innovation".