SenseAir AB

Fresh Air Indicator

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 14, 2009 14:58 CEST

SenseAir ® introduces eSENSE TM - FAI (Fresh Air Indicator), an extremely cost-optimized sensor solution for climate monitoring and alarm in for example class rooms and offices.


An adequate ventilation increase the productivity and ability to learn according to many studies. It can also reduce the risk of temporary sickness and downtime. By measuring CO 2 you get a good indicator when adequate "fresh" outside air must be supplied to the occupants for an acceptable indoor air quality.

The ventilation will then be based on actual demand. It helps you decrease your energy consumption and yet have a healthy indoor climate. eSENSE TM - FAI measures the carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air and alarms with sound and light when the levels are exceeding the defined levels.

A CO 2 concentration below 1000 ppm should always be the target.

SenseAir contact: Ingegerd Blomberg.