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From Frustation to Flow with Lean@Home - Now available in english

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 04, 2013 17:09 CET

Create a more sustainable and harmonious life with inspiration from the lean manufacturing philosophy. With the pioneering guidebook From Frustration to Flow with Lean@home, you will free up time, money and energy; you will catalyze continuous improvement, and you will go from being reactive to proactive .

It all began as pure survival instinct. To overcome the challenges of an everyday life permeated by stress and waste, Eva Jarlsdotter and her family implemented the lean manufacturing philosophy in their home. At first it was unintentional, but as they saw the pattern emerge like interwoven threads forming figures in a tapestry, they began working with lean tools and philosophy systematically.

- My husband and I had experience with lean from business and healthcare, and our three young children helped out with the change. After only one year, we saw amazing, astronomical results. We cut our expenses in half; we went from almost no control to full control, and we have flow in our daily life. Now we can achieve our family’s dreams, and our environmental footprint is one third of what it used to be. The laundry goes ten times faster, and we no longer waste thousands of dollars in living space. These are only a handful of the results we’ve had since we began, says Eva Jarlsdotter.

This book, now translated from Swedish into English, is about how to make your home more sustainable and harmonious, cut down your expenses, and reduce your environmental footprint. This is a book on how to go from frustration to setting up the conditions for flow.

- You should consider lean@home a smorgasbord, and focus on your most important streams first. But remember, you don’t have to do everything at once, this is not a quick fix; this is a more than 100-year-old philosophy that helps you find your own solutions, says Eva.

Lean has been spreading across the world like wildfire since the late nineteenth century, when Sakichi Toyoda in Japan began establishing Toyota Industries and developing lean philosophy. But it has not yet come home, a fact that this pioneering book is about to change.

Lean curtails wastefulness. Persistent work with lean can dramatically reduce waste and create a more sustainable, harmonious home – and ultimately, a more sustainable society. A lean management consultant with an excellent reputation recently said that most leaders seem to focus on increasing productivity by 35–40% in the three to five years following the implementation of lean. He added that what they should really focus on is using lean to increase productivity by 400% in ten years.

The same is true of family life. Our closest relationships help us evolve as people, but they can also cause us to come to a standstill, to get stuck in established roles, or to give up what we really want from life. Lean helps us do the best we can and achieve our dreams.

About the author

Eva Jarlsdotter began her career as a journalist, but she has worked internationally in leadership roles in business for almost 15 years. She has held positions in communications, corporate social responsibility and branding in telecom and the pharmaceutical industry. In summer 2011, she resigned from her position as vice president of an international telecom company to pursue a career in writing. The move resulted in her first book, From Frustration to Flow with Lean@home, which has taken Sweden by storm and already helped many families achieve a more harmonious lifestyle. Eva currently works as a writer, consultant and lecturer. She holds a degree in journalism and an executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Eva lives with her husband and their three children in a big house with an apple orchard in Stockholm. She is training for a triathlon, and dreams of being self-sufficient with a fruit and vegetable garden.

To contact Eva or receive a review copy, please contact Hoi Publishing PR Marthina Elmqvist at marthina@hoi.se or +46 708929594.

More about the book: www.leanathome.me

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