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From Sweden with Love... On Swedish and Swiss Design

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 10, 2003 11:13 CEST

Two countries, one focus and the many associated matters provide the thematic framework for this design exhibition.

It centers around the award-winning products from last year's "Excellent Swedish Design Award", which are stopping off in Zurich on their European tour. Examples of "excellent" Swiss design are mixed in with the Swedish products, thus creating a sense of dialogue between the two design worlds. The debate touches on visible connections between form, function, material and colour, but also introduces implicit design parameters like ecology, economic viability or design traditions.

Nine exhibition clusters offering concrete examples of Swedish-Swiss co-operation will further investigate the ideas raised by this Dialogue about creative interfaces or gaps. Our thematic expedition takes us past numerous design disciplines and goes beyond them to collecting and exhibiting design, to fashion and music, to graphic, furniture and textile design, and then on to national identities and bi-national friendships between designers. The aim is to look at familiar things in a new way and to discover unfamiliar ones. While Memory takes a playful look at the relationship between identity and cliché, Furnished uses compelling figures and images to confirm Switzerland's close links with the Swedish furniture giant IKEA. The Sound-Image item explains ABBA's connection with design, and Colouring shows how Swedish textile design once made Swiss design history. Exposed! and Collectors' pieces tell the story of Swedish design's cultural treatment in Switzerland. And finally, topical graphics, fashion and design material can be seen in New Signs or Fashioned, and also sensed in Friends Inc.

"From Sweden with Love…" reflects all the toing and froing in today's design business. In fact it is a tangible result of this, like Alfredo Häberli's (Zurich) and Björn Dahlström's (Stockholm) atmospheric exhibition architecture. This juxtaposition of the two design cultures is not trying to say 'better or worse': question is 'different, similar or the same', and ultimately it is about the (ir)relevance of national design mentalities in the global markets of our day.

The exhibition is a co-production by the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich/Design Collection and Svensk Form, Stockholm, in co-operation with the Swedish Embassy in Berne.

Project Director Norbert Wild
Curators Design Collection Museum für Gestaltung Zürich:
Norbert Wild, Laurence Mauderli,
Liana Bähler, Franz Xaver Jaggy (Photography)
Exhibition Design Björn Dahlström, Alfredo Häberli
Construction Workshop MfGZ:
Jürg Abbegg (Head), Mark Weibel
Othmar Burgherr, Domenico Scrugli, Nils Howald,
Andi Tschannen, Hajrudin Imsirovic, Andrea Castiglia
Exhibition Coordinator Doris Brem
Public Relations Doris Bachofen, Heike Pohl
AV Technology Jörg Schellenberg
IT Technology Barbara Berger
Graphics Graphic Department HGKZ:
Moritz Wolf
Poster/Invitation card Tank Design GmbH, Zürich

Thanks to the sponsors
Asklöf AB, Cbi Design AG, Fagerhults belysning AB, Fischer Papier AG, H & M Hennes und Mauritz SA Genève, IKEA AG Landesorganisation Schweiz, the Collections’ Curators Roger Fayet, Myrtha Steiner, Felix Studinka as well as the lenders

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