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froosh svar på mediastorm i italien; öppet brev till Berlusconi

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 26, 2013 13:37 CET

caro signor berlusconi,

with regard to today’s articles in the italian press including a picture of our mango & orange smoothie with your name on it we felt that an explanation would be appropriate.

yes it is true that we have a label on one of our bottles with the text “more immunity than berlusconi” on it.

first of all it was not our intention that italians would ever see our label. We only sell froosh smoothies in the cold nordic countries up here but with social media these days these things can spread out of control. we apologise for that. jävlar! as we say in swedish.

secondly, lowercase is our style, we didn’t mean to do you down.

lastly, we know this may actually be a false claim. fruit can only do so much - like helping you avoid colds and flus but not actually help you out of jail.

we do hope we did not offend anyone.

Froosh är en fruktsmoothie utan tillsatser, konserveringsmedel eller artificiella ingredienser. Bara 100-procent frukt. Froosh är ett svenskt företag, ledande smoothie-märket i Norden och har vunnit flera prestigfulla priser för både smak och design. det finns idag 6 smaker i både 250 ml flaskor och 750 ml. Froosh grundades i Sverige 2004 och säljs idag även i Danmark, Finland, Norge och Island. Läs mer om Froosh på