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Furniture meets fashion at Studio Re:design

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 06, 2013 19:37 CET

A sofa upholstered in airbag fabric, an armchair designed with inspiration from a well-dressed gentleman, and a lampshade made of textile cords. Since September the design team of Studio Re:design have transformed textile waste into new products – to reduce the environmental impact of the textile business. The first prototypes are presented at the Furniture & Light Fair 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

– I’m immensely pleased, says Marie-Louise Hellgren, the designer in charge of the studio of Studio Re:design, which is located in Borås, Sweden.

Since early September 2012, Marie-Louise Hellgren with fellow designers Gudrun Bonér and Anna Lidström have been hard at work in the design studio. The designers receive textile waste from the industry in the west of Sweden, and clothes and other textiles from The Red Cross.  Using this, and their collective knowledge and creativity, they create new products.

Their goal is to make products that different companies can pick up and mass-produce, on a small scale.  To create a market for things that otherwise had been thrown away, and at the same time stimulate the growth of new businesses and create job opportunities.

– It has been a reversed design process. Ordinarily, you start with an idea and go about searching for a suitable material.  Now, we have begun with textile waste from different sources and have thus been limited by factors such as measurements, quantity and material, says Marie-Louise Hellgren.

– The process has been very focused on the moment, revolving around what kind of materials we have just received that day and what we can create from them. It has also been very much about meetings – between different fabrics, techniques, designers, companies and organisations. It has been tremendously stimulating, and we have all learned a lot from each other during the course of the project.

Now, Studio Re:design will show the work of the design studio for the first time. From the total sum of 47 prototypes, they will put 16 on display at the Furniture & Light Fair 2013 in Stockholm, between the 5 and 9 February.  The common theme is “Furniture meets fashion” and the examples range from a sofa upholstered in airbag cloth, an armchair designed with inspiration from a well-dressed gentleman, a frayed lampshade made using textile cords, and a blazer sewn with industrial cloth that is ordinarily used to black out light. Different objects where furniture has met the eye of a fashion designer, or where clothes have been created from materials, or with techniques, otherwise used for other purposes.

These prototypes, and others, will also be shown at an exhibition in the art gallery KG52 in Stockholm on the 21 to 23 of February, and at an industry event in Borås on 27 to 28 of February.

At Furniture & Light Fair 2013 in Stockholm, you can find Studio Re:design in booth ÖH:01.

Facts about textile

There’s a growing interest in second hand and vintage, and an increased awareness regarding sustainable consumption. But at the same time, our consumption of clothes increases. Despite the fact that we recycle waste such as plastic, glass, aluminium and compost, we still don’t recycle our textile waste to the same extent.

·  Between 2000 and 2009 there was a 40% increase in our consumption of textiles.

·  Every year, we throw approximately 70,000 tons of textiles in our household waste – in other words 8 kg per person and year.

·  Charity organisations worldwide receive 26 000 tons of textiles every year. That is 3 kg per person and year.

Through the redesign of textiles, we:

·  Reduce carbon emissions by 15 kg/kg textile.

·  Save 10-15 m3 water/ kg textile.

·  Reduce the use of many pollutants and chemicals.

·  Can use up to 20 old garments to make one new – and still make an environmental gain.

For more information, please contact:

Gudrun Bonér
Designer Studio Re:design
+46-705-73 41 24

Barbro Peterson 
Project manager, design Studio Re:design

About Studio Re:design

Studio Re:design is an initiative with the purpose to stimulate the clothing- and interior design business in Västra Götaland, Sweden, to recycle textile waste in new ways. By viewing textile surplus as a resource, and by developing prototypes that have a high degree of fashion and design, Studio Re:design – together with the companies in the region – wants to help redesign reach its commercial potential. Studio Re:design is a project run by Västra Götalandsregionen, in cooperation with Tillskärarakademin i Borås, Naturskyddsföreningen (The society for natural conservation) and Sjuhärads kommunförbund (The Municipality of Sjuhärad).

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